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Cantero, Edgar. Chadbourn, Mark. Clarke, Cassandra Rose. Constable, Kate. Crompton, Anne Eliot. Cantor, Rachel. Chakraborty, S. Clarke, Susanna. Constantine, Storm. Cronin, Justin. Capes, Ashley. Chambers, Becky. Clayton, Dhonielle. Cook, Dawn. Cross, Janine. Card, Orson Scott. Chambers, Robert W. Clegg, Douglas.

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Cook, Glen. Crossan, Sarah. Carey, Anna. Chan, Kylie. Clemens, James. Cook, Hugh. Crossley-Holland, Kevin.

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Carey, Jacqueline. Chance, Karen. Clement-Moore, Rosemary.

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Cook, Matthew. Crouch, Blake. Carey, Janet Lee. Chance, Megan. Clifford, Leah.

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  • Cook, Rick. Crowley, John. Carey, Mike M. Chandler, David. Cline, Ernest. Cooke, Deborah. Cullen, Brian. Cargill, C. Chane, Lee Arthur. Clines, Peter. Cooper, Brenda. Cunningham, Elaine. Carl, Lillian Stewart.

    Chappell, Fred. Clough, Brenda. Cooper, Elspeth. Curran, M. Carman, Patrick. Charish, Kristi. Cluess, Jessica. Cooper, Karina. Currie, Evan. Carmody, Isobelle. Charlton, Blake. Coates, Deborah. Cooper, Louise. Cushing, Nicole. Carranza, Maite. Charnas, Suzy McKee.

    Coblentz, Stanton A. Cooper, Susan. Cusick, Richie Tankersley. Carriger, Gail. Charrette, Robert N. Cochran, Molly.

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    Cordell, Bruce R. Cutter, Nick.

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    Carroll, Jonathan. Chernenko, Dan. Cody, Christine.

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    Corey, James S. Czerneda, Julie E. Carroll, Lewis. Cherryh, C. Cody, Matthew.

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