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Some diseases and health problems involve processes that can only be studied in living organisms.

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Animals are necessary to medical research because it is impractical or unethical to use humans. Animals make good research subjects for a variety of reasons.

2. Background and objectives

Animals are biologically similar to humans. They are susceptible to many of the same health problems, and they have short life-cycles so they can easily be studied throughout their whole life-span or across several generations. In addition, scientists can easily control the environment around animals diet, temperature, lighting , which would be difficult to do with people. Finally, a primary reason why animals are used is that most people feel it would be wrong to deliberately expose human beings to health risks in order to observe the course of a disease.

Animals are used in research to develop drugs and medical procedures to treat diseases. Scientists may discover such drugs and procedures using alternative research methods that do not involve animals.

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    Animal Models in Biomedical Research

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    Animal Models in Biomedical Research

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